The Wraith Soundtrack is very good, the music fits the movie scenes very well and really helps to create the atmosphere and feeling of the movie. Many individuals who love The Wraith movie also love the soundtrack and it's reviews are very high. Here is a list of the songs on the soundtrack :

1. Where's The Fire - Tim Feehan
2. Those Were The Days - Honeymoon Suite
3. Hearts Vs Heads - Stan Bush
4. Hold On Blue Eyes - LaMarcha
5. Young Love, Hot Love - Jill Michaels
6. Secret Loser - Ozzy
7. Never Surrender - Lion
8. Bad Mistake - James House
9. Wake Up Call - Ian Hunter
10. Matter Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler

My favorite song on the soundtrack is "Hold on Blue Eyes" by LaMarca. Here is the song via YouTube: