The Wraith Car

The Wraith Car aka Dodge MS4 Turbo Interceptor

The famous Car from the Wraith, it was just gorgeous and the design was way ahead of it's time. This car's design still rivals many modern cars and was definitely an inspiration for many of today's concept cars. It is one of the most popular and beloved movie cars of all time. I remember being in awe as a kid by the scene where the car's engine was shown to one of Packard's gang members, the engine was pulsating and had a red glow around it, as seen here:

I also love the scene where The Wraith drives through a police road block at a fast speed and rips off the patrol car's front engine. The sound effects of the car were awesome also.

The Wraith Car was a Dodge M4S that was powered by a Mopar 2.2 Inline "Trans" four cylinder engine with a Cosworth 16-valve, twin-cam cylinder head that produced over 400 horsepower thanks to twin Garrett T25 turbochargers. The abreviation M4S stood for Mid engine, 4 cylinder, Sport.

The original car was built by Dodge and PPG industries to be used as a Pace Care for sprint racing venues. 6 prop cars were built, 4 of which were dummies and were destroyed during filming. The other two built were used as stunt cars.

You can get more info and see recent pics of the original Dodge Turbo Interceptor used in the movie at The car is for sale by the owner!